Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clara Robinson


Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mr Bradford, barrister to Late Mrs. Clara Robinson, who died of cancer. Before her death she secretly lodge one million pounds sterling in an offshore account, which was only known to me and herself. Unfortunately, she had no next of kin or children, the funds has been there for three years now. And if not claimed the bank will claim it for themselves.

I now want to make you the legal beneficiary of the funds, so that we can both share it fifty percent each once released to you. I will work out the legal documentation. As long as this remains confidential between us. This must not be discussed with a third party as i put my career on the line. We can have this transaction concluded in less than a week. If you oblige then, kindly send me your full name,
Age, address, telephone and country, in order for me to prepare the necessary documents for the funds to be released to you. Note that this transaction requires maximum secrecy, and I hope I cant trust you, not to disappear with the money when it gets to your possession.


John Bradford.

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