Saturday, April 3, 2010


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Hi friend's..
I'd like to extend you an invitation to join Factoidz, a community for
writers and topical experts. It's a fun and active site where people
who love to share knowledge in any topic from health to beauty to home
improvement come to share knowledge, interact with a fun social
community, and earn revenues along the way.
Factoidz is a great platform to propel your writing career or passion
for sharing knowledge.
You'll get access to a range of SEO and social bookmarking tools,
real-time analytics, and tips on great article topics. You also earn
50% of the advertising revenues generated from your articles - so you
can earn money while doing what you love - writing great content and
sharing your knowledge.
Bonus: This invitation counts as a free upgrade to a Writer's account
on Factoidz. Typically, new users must go through an application
process to become a writer - but joining via this invitation will give
you an automatic upgrade to Writer status.
Use this link to get started:


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