Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"JM&Gold" Your Money Grows Day by Day

Welcome to jm&gold, an investment platform where you will earn money buying gold and silver bars and being getting a safe return every month, again in addition we will award you to see advertising for our advertisers.

Each gold bar costs $ 50 and $ 25 each silver bar that can be acquired by our payment methods (Alert Pay and Paypal), you will have your bullion bars FOREVER. You could also get more bars to see ads or getting referrals You get a 20% monthly for each gold or silver bar, Examples:
The day of discounting will perform every 30 of each month, the money will be automatically credited to your account as bars you have. In your account will have the following choses:

Request the payment through way you want.
Convert money in bars getting more monthly returns
Convert money in ads to promote your website or blog
You can win more bars by getting referrals, for every 50 referrals you get you will receive one more free silver bar to be added to your colection. We provide you more enough tools to get easily referrals In summary ...

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How to get the bars?
Adquired by paypal o alertpay
Every 50 referrals you will get 1 silver bar
Every 1000 ad views you will get 1 silver bar

Advertise on Jm&gold is very quick and easy. Our website receives thousands of hits a day, both external and our partners.
Get leads or simply promoting your blog or website.
You can choose many of our plans , the minimal one is 100 visits.
Outside visits are unlimited and are already included รข€¨all visits will be unique IP.
We will activate your ad in less than 24 hours once your website were acepted.
We do not accept illegal or adult content.

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