Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fwd: Missing 14 daysg

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From: wrt2 ing <>
Date: 2010/8/18
Subject: Missing 14 days

Missing 14 days .... We're already in over 100 countries

Form your team and get a great 1 September

Due to the growth of wrt2, so your e-mails are not placed on the waiting list, we ask you to use your mailbox for the doings direct invitation.

It's very simple and your success is much greater:

1 - Enter your account and go to Wrt2 INVITE there you find your code "Your Referral URL is:" select and copy it.

This code is used to link to provide your guests for them to register in your team.

  2 - Enter your personal mailbox, create a new message and paste your URL code in the text area, followed by the invitation.
    You can make a e-mail this kind, simple and direct:


 I want to invite you for this great opportunity that I found.
  It's really simple and you can earn much money.
  Join me and thousands of other users of this great site.

   3 - You can also attach a picture of wrt2 available on the banners of your account WRT2.

4 - Repeat this process for several days and you'll see that works

We wish you much success


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