Monday, August 16, 2010

Pre-Launch-Get $100 FREE from Viral Cash Gone Wild is a upstart online advertising solutions company, based out of Michigan in the United States. Our company is a very unique and dynamic company that is dedicated to bringing today's online marketers a revolutionary, yet effective way to advertise direct to their target market without risk. also offers a very unique income opportunity that provides multiple ways to earn (not just from recruiting others). For the first time in Internet history, someone has combined a results based Internet advertising service ('Cost-Per- Action') with a free to join income opportunity ('Paid-Per-Action'). will revolutionize both the Internet advertising industry and the home business industry, with this unique service and opportunity.

What makes different when compared to other online advertising sources like social media and/or search engines, is that shares the revenues with both the users and the affiliate partners (the entreprenuers - 'YOU').

That's right, our company pays it's users for their actions (searches, completing forms, trying free products, providing opinions, etc.), offers a very simple yet lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs and provides online marketers with risk-free laser targeted advertising solutions that are 100% guaranteed to get them results. Most, if not all the 'other' search engines, social media sites and other advertising sources keep all of the advertising revenues for themselves and never give any to their users (the people that actually create the market and profits).

They are making billions off of the actions of others and keeping it all. Now, who other than gives its users and affiliate partners a healthy share of all the revenues and profits? Google? Yahoo? Bing? Facebook? YouTube?  Not even close.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IBA), over $10 Billion in the United States alone was spent on Internet advertising in just the first 3 months of 2010.

With you have the opportunity to grab your piece of the multi-billion dollar Internet advertising industry with the affiliate program and/or our free 'Paid-Per- Action' program.

And if you have something to advertising, starting after pre-launch you will be able to use our 'Pay-Per-Action' services to get a desired guaranteed action based on what you select (sales, leads, purchases, sponsorships, etc.).


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